Jaymz I

Awesome, I enjoyed every minute of it. However, we need more stories!! More, more, more!!
Christina Vella

This is a delightfully spine chilling reading experience. Wonderful graphics, scary sound scape, come read with meeee.
Tatiana Daugherty

I usually don't purchase any apps; unless they're free, I don't get them. This app totally changed my mind. It's well-done, beautifully illustrated, and still manages to be creepy. The Masque of the Red Death made me jump! If you're a lover of all things Poe, you should definitely get this app!

Eerie and haunting- this app was a brilliant night read. The music, animation and illustration have made this one of the best interactive books I own!

This is my new favorite way to read one of my favorite authors! Even if you are completely unfamiliar to these stories or one of Poe's biggest fans, this app is amazing. The illustrations, animations, and composed music makes these horror stories that i love come to life. I recommend to read them later at night with the lights off and your headphones turned up. The only problem I have with this app is that there are not enough stories to read. I find myself re-reading them over and over again.

This book uses the iPad to deliver a unique interactive experience. It felt like the book used iOS just how it was intended. And, definitely use headphones, if you can, it really adds to the fun and creepiness. Try tapping in each page as you never know what you might find....
Odie D

This is a must have app for anyone, but especially for fans of E.A. Poe. Doesn't hurt that my favorites are included. The Oval Portrait still gives me goosebumps. I hope the developer adds more stories in the future. I'd be willing to pay for them. Wonderful reading experience.
Big E Pede

This is worth every single cent paid! Saying it is Amazing does this no justice...far beyond that! Can't wait for more from the developer! Truly amazing and a great way to learn Poe's stories! Be sure to interact with each picture. MUST BUY!

It's a Poe lovers dream app. With it's music and art, like the man himself it draws you in.
Wayne Ragsdale

Wow - this is unlike any experience you will ever encounter. You will jump, you will engulf yourself in each story with a mind bending interaction. Please make more Edgar Allen Poe stories! This is the best purchase you will ever make.

This is a great and fun way to revisit these stories or to be introduced to them. Interactive but not distracting, the real creepiness comes from the stories and that's how it should be. There needs to be more stuff like this for literary experiences.
Scott Fisher

WOW. Read the first story before I go to bed tonight and there are chills running down my spine! I'm a long time poe fan but this brings a whole new sense to his stories! Beautifully created app. Bravo!

This is the most amazing app I've seen for Poes stories. Please create more stories. You are geniuses...simple geniuses. This is a must have for any Poe fan.