iPoe is a new concept where music, illustration and interactivity combine to invite you to dive into the darkest corner of the human soul.


The Oval Portrait
The Tell-Tale Heart
Annabel Lee
The Masque of the Red Death
Edgar Allan Poe Biography




Reminds me of the power of Poes liquid prose and the strength of his imagination. Please, Fall of the House of Usher!

Keeps you on the edge

This is such a good interactive read, that it kept me on the edge, just waiting for a scare I knew was going to come; after all, it's Poe's work! Really great!

Haunting in its effects

An incredible and life giving - and taking - account of the works of the mysterious master, Edgar Allen Poe. This is not just reading his works, it's living them.


Mesmerizing audio and visual accompaniment to a horrifying short story. Beautiful job and most highly recommended!

Amazing teaching tool!

I will definitely be using this when I teach my unit on E. A. Poe this year.


This interactive app brings life to Poes morbid tales! It was a pleasure to play with the interactive elements while reading Poes texts. I strongly recommend it!


The illustrations and animations are perfectly suited to Poes story and set a perfect atmosphere. Worth checking out whether you are familiar with Edgar Allen Poe or not.